Waste & Spills

As we continue to develop innovative solutions for our customers, our environmental impact is a constant consideration.

We acknowledge the potential impact that solid waste disposal or spills of hazardous materials could have on the environment of local communities, therefore, we take a targeted approach to minimizing waste and working toward zero spills at our facilities. We also see that waste presents opportunities to contribute to a circular economy by finding alternative uses for certain waste types.

In 2016, our total waste generation intensity increased by 1.6%, which can be attributed entirely to a one-time event involving the generation of waste soil from a construction project at our Franklin, Louisiana, USA carbon black facility. Without this event, our total waste generation intensity would have been slightly lower than 2015. Our total waste disposed offsite per unit of production was also up year-over-year to 200.3 MT/KMTp, but we still remain below our 2025 goal of 286 MT/KMTp of production.

Our focus continues to be on finding alternative beneficial uses for our waste materials to eliminate or minimize our total waste disposed. In the past year, we have been successful in identifying more opportunities to beneficially reuse both hazardous and non-hazardous waste for energy recovery or as substituted materials. In 2016, we increased our rates of reuse by 9.5% in absolute terms and 8.2% based on our production intensity. This was accomplished at a number of individual facilities that have identified improved recycling and reuse opportunities.