Energy & GHG Emissions

The pursuit of energy efficiency helps us support our corporate strategy of operational optimization by generating cost savings from decreased energy consumption.

energy use

We continue to make progress in reducing the energy required to manufacture our products. We have set a goal to reduce our energy intensity (the amount of energy needed to make a unit of product) by 10% by 2025 from our base year of 2005.

We are constantly looking for opportunities to introduce energy savings at our facilities including capturing waste heat for production of electricity or producing steam to offset our demands. We deploy state-of-the-art variable speed drives that have reduced our energy demand.

While our long-term energy use and recovery trend continues to decrease, we saw a slight increase in our energy consumption in 2016 compared to 2015 and slightly higher in terms of our energy intensity. This is primarily due to decreases in overall yield in our carbon black facilities. However, we were able to capture and utilize more waste energy from our carbon black facilities and saw the energy intensity decrease in our Purification Solutions segment by over 5%, reflecting improved yields in that business based on a greater use of more efficient production units.